Email of the Day

    A reader writes:

    I cringed, cried and cursed you when I saw the picture associated with "Surgical Gun-Ships." It felt like being slapped in the face and stabbed in the heart at the same time (I have a young son - not that my reaction is more valuable because of it, I just know the agony has an exquisite resonance now it wouldn't have pre-motherhood).

    Yet, I know how right you are that we all see the concrete consequences of our decisions as citizens. I supported the Iraq war, but it seems increasingly abstract to me now, my fervor at the time gets fuzzier every day. I'm ashamed to say that I can hardly remember what seemed so important to fight for then. I think my confusion comes partly from trauma. This war, and the shockingly disgraceful way it has been waged, has seared my soul. It seems that so little is left of everything I believed in, everything I am as an American. This hurts and burns as few things ever have for me.