"Oh, stop it with the Straw Man"

    A reader writes:

    Katherine's a nutter. No one in Florida is voting for her. She's the clown princess of Florida politics. Nelson will whip her ass. I'm a lifelong Republican and I'm voting for Nelson on the competence issue alone, as are my Republican friends.

    Cut the crap, and quit trying to peddle your bullshit by painting Harris, and extremist nutter, as indicative of all Republicans. It's irritating straw mannery and it's one of the reasons conservatives don't take you seriously anymore.

    So how exactly did a fringe nutter get to run for the U.S. Senate in a critical state? My litmus test was Katrina. The president was reluctant to interrupt a vacation for a hurricane but he flew at a moment's notice to do the religious right's bidding in the Schiavo case. If you want to vote for the Republicans, fine. But please don't fool yourself like I once did. This is the party of Harris, Brownback, Dobson and Santorum. It is no longer the party of Goldwater and Reagan.