Religious Freedom in Britain

    It just took a hit from well-meaning but misguided attempts to force Catholic adoption agencies to be open to placing needy kids in the nhomes of adoptive gay couples. It isn't the law yet, and the British parliamentary system means that, for the Tories at least, the vote will be one of conscience. My conscience tells me that denying needy children good and stable homes, just because their new parents will be gay, is morally wrong. There is no evidence to suggest such chidren will have any worse future than others; and some evidence to suggest they are likely to get better parenting. but my political principles - specifically my belief in unfettered religious freedom - tell me that the right of religious organizations to practice bigotry and even cruelty in their own affairs is integral to a free society.

    Sadly, at this point in history, the Roman Catholic Church refuses to acknowledge the dignity and equality of gay people. We are deemed by Rome's hierarchs to be "intrinsically disordered", unworthy of the priesthood, sick, enemies of our own families and a threat to civilization as a whole. This dehumanization of gay people is a terrible stain on the Church, but that should be of no business of the government. There are also alternatives. If the Church comes across a child who might be taken care of by an adoptive gay couple, it can still transfer that child to another agency. If I were a member of parliament, I would vote against this bill. There are plenty of avenues in Britain for gay couples to do the selfless and admirable job of raising abandoned or orphaned children in need. There's no need to trample religious liberty in the process. If the Church wants to side with bigots against the needs of children, it should be able to do so. It pains me, but it is none of the government's concern.